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Teach Stuff Online (TSO from now on) was created by Rodrigo Gibson (the dude on the right) as a place where people who have a passion for teaching something can get inspiration and resources to help them get started teaching online as soon as possible. Whether you are an experienced teacher or someone who is just contemplating the option of teaching something you’re good at, we now have the tools available to us to start our own online teaching business. Technology has advanced so much and devices and gadgets are much faster, smarter and cheaper these days that there is no excuse for you not to start your own teaching enterprise now. 

Is it no surprise by now that the internet has revolutionised the way we do things. And this is just the beginning. I still remember when we used to go pay our bills to the shop, in person, standing in line for who knows how long. Now, we can pay our bills from the comfort of our home with our handheld device. 

I wanted to share with you my experiences and others’ experiences as an online teacher or tutor, using technology to help them achieve their goals of being able to start their own teaching business online. 

I hope you find this site helpful.


Rodrigo Gibson.

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